Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tunnel Hill Battle Paintout info

The Tunnel Hill paint out is very informal, as paint outs go. The only cost is the $5 main gate entry and a parking donation to the Boy Scouts...usually around $2-$5.

Parking is across the road from the Tunnel Hill Heritage Center. The address is 215 Clisby Austin Road, Tunnel Hill GA, for GPS and MapQuest.

The paint out is held in conjunction with the annual "Battle of Tunnel Hill" Civil War Reenactment. This year the dates are Saturday, September 11th and Sunday the12th. The main gate opens at 9:00am and closes around 5:00pm both days.

Artists may attend one or both days. You may come earlier than the 9:00am main gate opening time if you'd like to catch the early sun/shadows. You may stay later than 5:00 if you'd like to catch the afternoon light. There is a reenactors' ball/dance on Saturday night which is open to the public. Anyone can watch or photograph or paint, but only those in 'period dress' may participate in the dance.

We will have 2 tents set up near the Old General Store which is located just inside the main gate. One tent is for display of (wet) paintings done on site during the paint out. The other is the artists' base of operations. There you can stash your cooler, equipment, etc and 'chill out' when you need to take a break.

Paintings may be displayed either framed or unframed. Prices may be attached to the paintings using either your business card or a form available at the Art Alliance tent. There is NO mandatory commission fee. However, since the Civil War event is sponsored by the Tunnel Hill Historical Foundation (a not-for-profit group) they would gladly accept any donation from any artwork sales. (In the past, most artists have built in an additional 20% to the artwork price and made the 20% donation to the Foundation.) Some artists will donate a flat $$$ amount.

The property has 80+ acres of rolling meadow and woods. There is a pre-Civil War plantation house and several out buildings, including a spring house. Civil War reenactors and living history venues will be on site both days. There is a battle reenactment at 1:00pm which lasts for about an hour.

Food vendors and porta-potties are readily available.

Check in will be at the Art Alliance tent located beside the Old General Store.

We hope to see you at the Tunnel Hill paint out on September

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